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Thread: Will Days Go By Album Have a Hit ?

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    Default Will Days Go By Album Have a Hit ?

    I mean last 2 albums have at least 1 hit song that they still keep playing live... splinter has "can't get my head around you" and RAFRAG has "you're gonna go far kid" which actually are great songs ! But this new album I don't see a song becoming a hit for now,.maybe in the future,but I see the only songs that have a good potencial are "Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing and Rides the Bomb To Hell" , "Secrets From the Underground" and "The Future is Now",but they stop playing The future is now live and they rarely play Secrets from the underground live,so "Slim Pickens" is the only one remaining ! Days Go By Singles so far (Days Go By,Cruising California and Turning into you) I see them kinda weak to be a HIT I mean they are good songs but no so great as The kids aren't alright or self esteem Level even YGGFK level!... What do you guys think?
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