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Thread: The novelty has worn off - How do you feel about Days Go By now?

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    Well, I still like the album just as much as before. I will maintain that it's better than Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. The flow might not be as good as it could be, that is true, but it's something I can live with, as the album contains a few really stellar tracks.

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    I still like. Mostly listen to Turning Into You, Hurting as One, Dividing by Zero and Slim Pickins, but every now and then I'l listen to OC guns, Secrets and the new Dirty Magic. Honestly, I still like RafRag a lot more, but Days Go By is still pretty good.

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    All of The Offspring CDs are endless of fun and not one bores me to death. Well, except of course the when you're in prison is such a haggard ass song. My dream is for them to make a tenth one or if not then it's cool if they retire. Be careful what I wish for but I'd love to see them with Young The Giant in the future of 2013/2019. That'll make me happy.

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    I often find myself listening to Days Go by while doing my chemistry homework. I start off with Americana's "Why Don't You Get a Job?," immediately followed by Days Go By's "Slim Pickens," then letting Days Go By start over and play through, skipping over "All I Have Left is You" and usually skipping "Secret Family." I tend to repeat "OC Guns" because of the rhythm and the addictive bassline (at this point, no one can expect otherwise from me.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bighead384 View Post
    Man, I wish music took as long to get old to me as it seems to for you...
    I started listening to the Offspring in 2001, so for me, I have a weird way of thinking about their songs. I spent two years listening to songs from Smash, Ixnay, Americana, and CO1. So when Splinter came out, those were the only Offspring I knew, so Splinter seemed so different to me. Since then, I still consider Splinter, RAFRAG, and DGB to be the "new" Offspring. Around 2004, I found out that they had two earlier albums than Smash. I picked up Self-Titled and Ignition and those also had a different sound to me than the Smash thru CO1 era. So these albums I consider to be the "old" Offspring. So when someone mentions The Offspring, I think of the style they had between 1994-2000.

    The Future is Now: 8.0
    Secrets From The Underground: 8.0
    Days Go By: 6.5
    Turning Into You: 7.5
    Hurting As One: 8.0
    Cruisin' California: 3.0
    All I Have Left is You: 9.5
    OC Guns: 8.5
    Dirty Magic: 9.5
    I Wanna Secret Family With You: 7.0
    Dividing By Zero: 9.5
    Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell: 10.0

    Average: 7.92/10
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    Hurting As One has really grown on me. I never disliked the song, but it's become one of my favorites recently.
    Cruisin' California will always be awesome to me, it's so damn catchy, I'll stand by it, regardless of the haters.
    Divided By Zero, Future Is Now, Secrets From The Underground are also my favorite tracks...
    O.C. Guns is by far the worst song they've ever put out. It's just annoying. I always skip it, and I never skip an Offspring song.

    All in all, a solid album. Good to hear from the boys. Rise and Fall was a good album too, don't get all the hate that gets...

    If I had to pick a top three list of favorite albums, it'd have to be... (in no order)
    - Ixnay on the Hombre
    - Conspiracy of One
    - Americana

    I think Splinter was their weakest CD by far. Really only a couple stand out songs on that one.

    Self Titled was bad ass, I love their original raunchy sound.
    Ignition is great, they kind of seemed to have progressed since self titled...
    Smash, obviously the one that made them famous, while I find it too overrated, it's still a very good album.
    Ixnay might have to be my all time favorite, I don't know why, it's just so damned good. Meaning of Life and Leave it Behind are two of my all time favorites. Amazed is really underrated too.
    Americana was the first CD of theirs I ever owned, I got it for Christmas one year. (My first CD of any band actually)
    Conspiracy of One was a great album. I love Want You Bad, I feel it is the standout track on that album.
    Splinter, like I said, pretty weak... except Da Hui kicked ass. Spare Me The Details and Lightning Rod were good too.
    Rise and Fall was good. I love Half Truism, Kristy and Nothingtown. (Does anyone else think the final song "Rise and Fall" sounds way too much like Green Day's song "American Idiot?")
    Days Go By was another great release by them. I've already listed my opinion on it above....

    I am eager to hear what they come out with next.

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    I think alot has to do with the mood you're in too!
    There are days I only listen to Igntion and Smash. There are other days (or rather weeks) that I'm totally addicted to Ixnay. Other times I only listen to Conspiracy of One and the list goes on and on like that!!! (if that makes sense?!) But I really think that DGB is as solid as any work out there because in all honesty, I NEVER .. EVER skip a song when I listen to it. I think it is a very very tight album. Never wears off ..

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