I absolutely love Mumford and Sons. I discovered it 2 weeks ago and that's pratically all I've been listening since then

But I don't listen to the radio and anyway, that's not really what they put on the radio here. So I guess I couldn't grow tired of them.

Still, I've been watching them live and I think they are very good.

It's the second time I notice that something is widely known in the US and not at all in France. It's strange because I get the impression we get all of your stuff. The first time was with Death Cab For Cutie. Nobody knows that band here. I mean, I got to know The Postal Service before Death Cab for Cutie and only because I was hanging out with a weird guy back then. Same thing with Mumford and Sons. I hang out with people who listen to music A LOT and none of them knew Mumford and Sons.

And you guys on the other side of the Atlantic get to grow tired of it because it is played too much ? I think I might envy you on this...