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Thread: What are you not listening to?

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    I absolutely love Mumford and Sons. I discovered it 2 weeks ago and that's pratically all I've been listening since then

    But I don't listen to the radio and anyway, that's not really what they put on the radio here. So I guess I couldn't grow tired of them.

    Still, I've been watching them live and I think they are very good.

    It's the second time I notice that something is widely known in the US and not at all in France. It's strange because I get the impression we get all of your stuff. The first time was with Death Cab For Cutie. Nobody knows that band here. I mean, I got to know The Postal Service before Death Cab for Cutie and only because I was hanging out with a weird guy back then. Same thing with Mumford and Sons. I hang out with people who listen to music A LOT and none of them knew Mumford and Sons.

    And you guys on the other side of the Atlantic get to grow tired of it because it is played too much ? I think I might envy you on this...

    All the Beautiful Things you do

    Respect my authoritah !

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    The radio station sucks. Deejay plays the same old shit. For the sake of steak, let me hear a different band song. Fuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harleyquiiinn View Post
    The first time was with Death Cab For Cutie. Nobody knows that band here....
    I love Death Cab For Cutie, one of my favorite bands. I like The Postal Service but I'm not that big into them. Ben Gibbard's solo stuff is pretty good too. Maybe you should give it a try
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    Retards Attempting Poetry LOL cant spell CRAP without RAP!

    This could be a good thread to talk about bands and artists that you're sick of hearing about and don't really get, though. In that case,

    Animal Collective (I don't care how innovative they are, they're annoying to actually listen to)
    tUnE-yArDs (or however you stylize her stupid name. I like a lot of weird, experimental shit and yet I can find no purpose to her music other than being a quirky-ass tryhard. Pull your head out of your ass and go listen to Gang Gang Dance.)
    Mumford and Sons (They have one or two songs that stand out and the rest of them sound exactly the same. The definition of mediocre. The fact that they end up on every fast casual restaurant and coffeeshop's playlist is extremely telling- it shows just how "inoffensive" (code for boring) they are.)
    Drake ("Over My Dead Body" is a phenomenal song, otherwise meh. There are about a thousand better rappers around today and his cadence is really annoying.)
    Kid Cudi (Lyrics are pretentious and narcissistic as fuck and he has the most annoying fanbase EVER.)
    Passion Pit (I mean, Manners was a pretty good album, but how could anyone not be sick of them by now, especially after their new shitty album?)
    Title Fight (Basement = better version of Title Fight)
    Avenged Sevenfold (LOL at their fans. All such sad, miserable, horrible people.)

    For the next section, I will list the most overrated songs of all time.

    Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (But it's a great example of what it would sound like if you handed a guy a guitar, put a gun to his head and asked him to start singing.)
    The Postal Service - Such Great Heights (The intro is alright but the song gets boring fast and the lyrics aren't romantic, they're stupid.)
    Dispatch - The General (Every college asshole loves this song. Probably because it blows, and it's possible for retards to play on guitar.)

    OK, that's all I've got for now.
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    I guess a list of what I listen to would be shorter than a list of what I don't, so I'll try to focus just on what I really can't stand:

    - Indie rock, indie pop, basically anything with "indie" in its name - I understand that people can like these genres, but I simply can't find anything even remotely satisfying in listening to something that bores me as much as indie. I'm not claiming I've heard all indie related music, but don't try to make suggestions which bands I should check, because from what I heard so far everything is the same featureless mix of sounds, with boring instrumentals and vocals. Seriously, nothing packs any punch whatsoever.

    - Mumford & Sons - same criticisms that apply to indie music. I saw a live video of one of their songs a few days ago on MTV and thought it was particularly funny how the band members were headbanging and the crowd was jumping to something that (to my ears) carries less energy than a flat iPhone battery. Sorry if anyone thinks I'm too harsh, but this music just isn't for me. Harley, we shall agree to disagree on this one

    I left out all the crap like Justin Beaver and the likes, because that music is probably disliked by default. It's like DNA, all living beings share a vast ammount of DNA and non-activated genes, they're always there so there's no need to mention them. Luckilly for me though I don't listen to radio, so it's fairly easy to avoid music that annoys me.
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