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Thread: Hostess is DEAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTO13 View Post
    Really? No shit...nobody does. Facts are facts and like them or not, it was either that or be unemployed. Unlike the federal government, when a company is is broke. There is no magic continuing resolution or printing up cash. Get it? There is no magic fucking wand or beggin for money...congress won't bail your dumbass out and the tooth fairy has said fuck you I'm broke too for the last time. Either make drastic changes or close up. Sometimes it is that simple. You people think there is a happy ending to everything? Just because you don't want something to happen doesn't make it stop. You think people don't get hurt or make wrong decisions? Wake the hell up. This is the really real world and not some bullshit that Wallstreet protesting or making a big fuss like a 4 year old will change. This is a company that MUST be profitable or it is done.
    I'm sorry the tooth fairy said fuck off and I'm too broke for you. That must of really hurt your feelings. The tooth fairy never said that to me ever... A little humor to get started with.

    I totally know that if you don't want something to happen it doesn't make it stop. I know that I get that. Everybody makes mistakes and someone always gets hurt from it. But I believe there is a right and wrong way to go about things.Sometimes there can't be ahappy ending to things but you can try damn hard to make it somewhat fair.

    Things could have been a little better.
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