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I didn't get my info from Wiki, so I am unsure why you keep insisting I did. I wasn't actually asking for info about frogs, it was an example.
I am not insisting you used wiki, but I was under the impression that you did. There's a difference there. When I first mentioned it, you didn't deny using wiki and you actually defended it, stating why it can be credible. Given those events, anybody would have thought you used it.

"As for the frog thing, I didn't know that, that's interesting. Can you show me a study that explains how it works or how the process was discovered? (I actually looked it up already, because I truly did find it interesting." That sounded like you wanted to discus it. You can't fault me for that.

By the way, when you called my encyclopedic brain self-proclaimed, it's also friend-supported, professor-approved.