Hi all,

I downloaded loads of rares and b-sides ages ago and converted them to 128kbps for my iPod as iTunes told me that was CD quality. I've since learnt a lot more about music formats and know that 128kbps is far from CD quality! If i could, I'd buy the CD's that the rare and b-side tracks appear on and rip them in ALAC, but some CD's obviously aren't available.

Does anyone have a link to rares and b-sides that are in decent quality to download? I'm interested in the studio stuff like hand grenades, totalimmortal, bloodstains etc rather than the live stuff like territorial pissings. All the links I've come across are old and don't work anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If this sort of thing violates forum regs then obviously don't post any links! I'm just a fan trying to get hold of stuff that's not easily available (I own all of their album releases on CD already).