What do you consider to be lying. I define a lie as telling someone something which is not true. A lie does not have to be intentional. You can do something that you do not think is deceitful and it can still be a lie if another individual sees this as not being completely upfront. You can make a debate about what is really "true" and what is not "true" but in this instance "truth" is based on observation and factual evidence. A lie for example can be , if you ask a friend to go to an Offspring concert with you and they say "no I will be busy that night I have to study for an upcoming exam", and then you go on twitter and find them on twitter for an hour on end(hey going for half the show is better than not going at all, especially when this is one of your best friends). Would you consider that lying? What if you confront them about it and they say, that it is just part of their daily routine. This is more than likely the truth but what makes it a lie is the fact they did not tell you they had to make time in their day for their "routine", and they just told you they were busy due to studying. It doesn't matter anyways because I think that studying should supersede social networking because if I had an important exam coming up I would not be messing around on twitter or whatever, I would be studying.