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And sitting around talking.
I enjoy sitting around and talking while sober. Because I have cool friends.

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The only way I can make these posts make sense is if I take them as sarcasm/satire. Alcohol is more acceptable than marijuana because you can booze and still pass a drug test? What happens when pot is made legal here? What makes it a drug for kids? I know far more adults who do it than kids when I was in high school.
Dude, seriously. Okay, if your job tests for weed (which is absurd and moronic), then sure, don't do it. But I don't see how drinking is more mature than smoking... I actually never smoked at all until I was like 21 or 22...

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I've never bought pot in my life. Really never wanted to get into doing business with shady dealers or even with budgeting "drug money" like so many of my friends have done. I've smoked it socially when others have provided it, though. My lungs are really sensitive to any kind of smoke, so I hate doing it, but I did enjoy the effects of smokin' the ganja. But I still can't imagine waking and baking, or being high at any time when I have anything important to do.
Pretty much the same here, minus sensitive lungs. I've never bought it, but I smoke socially with friends. I have a friend here who's a huge pothead and always has it on him, plus a few other friends who smoke sometimes... so I end up smoking on average once a month.

Also, weed gives me a bit of a hangover. It's not as bad as what alcohol does, but it makes me tired, hazy, and lazy for an entire day afterward.