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How exactly is recreational oxy a thing? I can understand how you could get addicted to them if you're using them long-term for an injury or whatever and you build up a dependence, but taking them for fun? Opiates, in pill form, for fun? Don't they just make you feel tired and itchy? Is oxycontin some sort of weird black-sheep opiate that's actually fun when you take it orally? What's the deal?
The popular way to take them is to crush them and snort them. However, Oxycontin cannot be crushed (well, at least not easily) anymore because it now 'gels over' when crushed. So Percocets are what all the pill heads are after now.

I've never done real opiates, but the pills are pretty much the same feeling but with some side effects that aren't even that big of a deal (like itching, constipation). The reasons for people going for pills over real dope is, I'd say, mainly because of A) easier access to the pills B) less of a stigma attached to doing pills compared to shooting dope.