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I don't want to write a lot about their management and their record company but I'm happy that the contract with columbia is finished.My personal opinion is that they didnt make a good job with the band after co1.look what warner did with green day... their merchadise,their promotion.they made top hits songs that weren't good enough! and how many of us and other people who aren't fans of the offspring saying about underestimated songs and band... even epitaph put out vinyls on different colors or special combinations ... when rafrag tour started and they played in greece for the first time (july!) they just had only 2 or 3 new t-shirts to sell by then...
Wasn't the Greece show a festival? Bands can't sell all their t-shirt styles at a festival. They're limited to a couple of styles and that's it.

The comparison to Green Day is pretty pointless. Green Day fans are 10-14. Offspring fans are much older.

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I think dividing by zero by itself would have done very good just like your gonna go far kid did
But that's the thing, just because you like a song doesn't mean radio will. What's doing well at radio now is way different from what was doing well when YGGFK did well.