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Yes, I've heard the songs on Americana and Splinter until I couldn't stand them anymore, I've just never bought the albums. Those are the only two I left out for some reason.

When I was 15, I downloaded every one of the (then) seven albums the Offspring had to offer, plus every known (at the time) b-side and unreleased song, all song-by-song, one at a time, on a 56K modem. Even though the only reason I did that was because I had no money and no alternative, I consider that my greatest act of fandom, way moreso than buying all the records (sometimes multiple times). It took like 15-30 minutes to download a single song on 56K, so it was some major dedication on my part.
Clearly you either had some free time on your hands, or you MADE time by not doing other things until you had all the songs.