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    Views? (only the Poirot stories)

    I've rediscovered her stuff lately - and let me tell you, I am hooked. She writes like a man, and even considerably better than most men, I should think. I couldn't possibly fault her style or her approach, I cannot put the books down, I-have-to-know!

    I had no idea she had sold so much, either. Up to now I had always thought of her as a household name, but little else - the idea of actually reading her novels didn't even once occur to me. Then I accidentally came across a Poirot episode with David Suchet on youtube, and... well... I felt so pleased!

    What would your top three Poirot stories be? Do you like detective novels, as a rule? Do you have a soft spot for private eyes? Would you rather spend a day (and possibly night, for the ladies) with Sherlock or Hercule? What do you think of Watson, of Hastings, of Lestrade and Japp? I've seen on youtube that some do prefer Japp over Lestrade, because he's much more "human" to them, endearing (his house, his daughter, etc, he has more of a personal background, I dare say).

    Are you generally able to guess the killer or are you left gaping and dumbfounded?
    Oh, do share your thoughts!
    I can only tell you that over here the Suchet episodes are given reruns on French TV (and they're quite popular). Do you personally prefer the films or the books?
    Also, I'm not the only one to think Captain Hastings, as portrayed by Hugh Fraser, a real stud. I even read a comment stating "I could make love to that man for hours", and another even more arousing one "in most episodes, Hastings is portrayed as silly, here as a complete moron". That particular comment (which I quoted to the best of my recollection) was elicited from Hastings being filmed rifling through Miss Lemon's files, frantically opening each filing cabinet in a vain endeavour to find one particular 5 bill...
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    Sadly I have nothing relevant to say here, but I felt like saying it's nice to see you posting and I hope you keep it up.
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