If it wasnt for Bad Habit, i probably never would have known about Offspring or punk music at all. It was what kickstarted my love for punk music. I was 14 and at a friends house jumping on a trampoline and my friend went and got a cd with a skeleton on it and put it on track 3. That slow bass intro and the "dont gimme no crap!" lyrics leading to the fast heavy riffs, i was jumping on the trampoline and having a blast to this song, then when it slowed down to the Drivers a rude such attitudes, when i show my peace, complaints cease. Somethings odd, feel like I'm god, You Stupid DUMBSHIT GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKER!! i was hooked for life. I asked to borrow the cd and listened to it till it was just beat to shit. Then all i ever asked for for christmas or birthdays were any Offspring albums i didnt own or anything Offspring.
Smash will always be my favorite album and Bad Habit will always be my favorite song.