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Thread: Vote for The Offspring to make it to Top1000-list!!

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    Default Vote for The Offspring to make it to Top1000-list!!

    Hey guys!

    Lets all vote for Offspring songs to make it to Radio Rock, a finnish radio stations top 1000 songs of all time list.

    You can list 10 favourite songs, and I though if we all voted for their songs we could get alot of Offspring songs on the list and get people to understand how awesome the band is! Because they don't play alot of Offspring here, and people dont really know their songs, apart from the singles, the "poppy" songs.

    So here is the link:

    Push on the button in front of the guy in a suit that sais "Aloita tästä ja kokoa oma lista"

    Now you get the band list on the left, but there's only a few songs from Offspring there. But you can add your own selections to the list by pushing the button on the right that sais "Lisää oma biisi". Be sure to write both band and songs name!!!

    After listing the songs push the button that says "Osallistu arvontaan" to get forward.

    Now you have to fill in your contact information.
    Nimi = Name
    Katuosoite = Address
    Postinumero ja -toimipaikka = ZIP code and City
    Puhelinnumero = Phone number
    Sähköpostiosoite = Email address
    Ikä = Age

    I have no idea if it works if you put your own information there, but just lie or something, make them up. I think it just gets you to the list that you may win soem prizes or something...
    Then press the button "Lähetä"

    I would appreciate people going through this little bit of trouble to help me. All of the songs on the list are to be plaid on air during next year, so ofcourse you would help the band to get more coverage in Finland!!

    My list:
    The Offspring - Pay The Man
    The Offspring - Have You Ever
    The Offspring - Come Out And Play
    The Offspring - The Meaning Of Life
    The Offspring - Nothing From Something
    The Offspring - All Along
    The Offspring - Dirty Magic
    The Offspring - Burn It Up
    The Offspring - Gone Away
    Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine ---- Sorry
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