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German only seems difficult (for an English speaker, of course - it'd be a lot harder for someone who speaks an Asian language, for example) until one attempts to learn a Slavic language. Ich spreche fließend Deutsch, und ich fand es schwer in Gymnazium... aber jetzt wohne ich in Slowenien, und ich war zwei Jahren in die Tschechischen Republik. Diese zwei Sprachen sind VIEL schwerer als Deutsch! German has four cases; Slovene has 6 cases; Czech has 7 cases. Slovene also has a dual - not just "du" (ti) or "ihr" (vi), but also (vidva), which is like, the two of you. And that also changes depending on gender. Also, in German the gender of the noun affects the noun and the adjective, but in Slavic languages, it also affects the verb. And the person's gender also affects it. So a guy saying "I drink" has different conjugation of "drink" than a girl saying it.

German is easy peasy compared to this Slavic shit
This I didn't know I can only compare German to English, French, Spanish, Italian and the little Latin I studied. So no Slavic language for me. Your German is really good BTW