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Thread: Limbaugh: "Left Mobilizes to Politicize School Shooting"

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    I'm actually pretty torn on all of this.

    Like, on one hand, if this isn't the time to try to do something else to minimize these school shootings, then when? If we forget about all this in a couple of months again, like the Colorado thing, then that's pretty much it, the people have spoken, this shit's always going to happen.

    And I totally agree there's no reason anyone needs an assault rifle to protect their home, or shoot a deer for fun (yeehaw).

    On the other hand, I get that it's not an argument of "needing them" or not, as the Constitution's pretty vague on all this and it's been interpreted for along time as a "right". Which, again, I'm not sure I'm 100% against. Plus, the argument of "you can do an assload of damage with two pistols and some extra clips, too" actually holds weight.

    Personally I'm cool with an assault weapons ban, though I totally agree with the pro-guns people that it's actually not going to do shit.

    I think the mental health reform aspect of it all troubles me a bit more. Lanza was obviously a ticking time-bomb psycho futhermucker, but it's a slippery slope to walk. What, you're going to start potentially committing people with no criminal record, not even an expressed threat to anyone's safety, because they're a staring-into-space, doesn't-say-a-word-to-anyone social 'tard? Apparently the guy hadn't ever done jack to warrant any action, and you can't start profiling people like that because 1-2% of them potentially might be a murderous asshole. The law doesn't work that way in other areas, it shouldn't there either.

    Plus the obligatory usual "LOL eetz veedeogaymez & moviez, DUH. Kidz dese dayz wit their violencez" bullshit is running rampant again. Dumb fucks. 'Cause, like, ignoring the point that gun crime's dropped almost half in 20 years and that the highest violent-crime rates in the US were in fucking 1947 is fun, yo. The greatest generation made us look like Tellytubbies.

    It's a complicated thing. I'm cool with tighter restrictions, but all the same I don't think we can just discount the points being made on the other side that, no, it's not going to do a damn thing. Safety & liberty are a balancing act, and I do think we've gotta be careful with all of this. It's such a minority of people even capable of carrying out this shit, and there has to be some middle ground where you can maybe prevent it without necessarily infringing on the sane people.

    I hate it when both sides make good points. Grr, reality and its complications.
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