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Mental health reform doesn't automatically mean locking random people away on Shutter Island - more like putting increased resources into identifying children/teens who are suffering from mental illness while they are at school, and then ensuring they are able to receive easy and affordable access to the appropriate medications.
Yes, one of the few appropriate actions right now seems to focus on at-risk persons. The fact that there are 0.0001% of people out there who might turn into a murdering psychopath like Lanza does not justify banning assault weapons, but it sure as hell does justify increasing gun control (i.e., personality/psychopathology testing before someone purchases a weapon like that) by a lot. Also, as jacknife said, better mental health care in general is a very good idea.
ps: my personal opinion on this is a bit more strict (to ban assault rifles and non-hunting handguns, but that is just my personal opinion)