Don't steal wallet...won't get shot. I know that takes a lot of time to digest, but give it a try, it may sink in.
Again....just want to point out that (a) using lethal force in defense of property is not legal, and (b) shooting someone in the back as they're running away is also not legal.

I am impressed you are so concerned about a criminals right to life when they are committing a crime on an innocent law abiding citizen. God forbid you ever get robbed, but if you do, throw in a few extra bucks for me ok?
I wonder how, in your mind, you make the leap from "stealing is not a capital offense," to, "stealing is okay and should not be punished?"

I noticed a lot of libertarians seem to have a problem understanding that treating criminals humanely does not mean treating them nice. It's as if they can't understand the difference.