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What is wrong with Wisconsin?

I'd figure with all the damn lefties in Madison and Milwaukee, you two would find it to be a paradise!

And I've lived all over, and it's all pretty much the same, (excepting the south, where Static_Martyr is, to hear him speak, it must be a real back-asswards shithole)
Wisconsin sucks, and I can say that because I lived there for the first 19 years of my life. Madison is indeed full of young, liberal college kids (though leave the campus and it's not as liberal as one might expect... but Milwaukee sure as hell isn't very liberal. It's the most segregated metro in the US, and people there are super homophobic and anti-non-Christian. People around SE Wisconsin are super obese, alcoholics, and closed-minded. And the rest of the state? A bunch of shitheads scattered about.