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Thread: Being opinionated on Facebook

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    We're opinionated here, aren't we? So why not on Facebook? Of course, I don't do Facebook, but if I did, I'm sure the workd would hear my thoughts.
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    It's sort of a high risk thing. If it seems like passion drove you to post your opinion and you backed it up well, you'll seem constructive and informed. But if your view just sounds like typical crap, people will think you're trying too hard and have some agenda to feel superior.

    old T-6005 thread that is relevant:
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebDudette View Post
    I want to reiterate here, I fucking hate when people think arguing is a bad thing. I have friends that I argue with all the time about stupid shit and sometimes about more serious stuff, then I have friends who want to interrupt these discussions and go 'GOD GUYS, CALM DOWN, NO NEED TO ARGUE, WHY ARE YOU GUYS MAD, UGH' and that shit upsets me. No one is raising their voices, no one is mad, no one feels offended, we're just having a discussion. Shut the fuck up.
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    Facebook is shitface. MySpace is lame. Twitter is boring. YouTube is opinionated. This forum is opinionated. So Fuck it.

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