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    Since the Doompocalypse is nearly among us, and I still don't know what's in store, I thought I'd get prepared. Of course, not prepared like a doomsday prepper. Rather, I was thinking of wishing my pals here a goodbye, in case I never return. Therefore, I'd like to thanks the following, appended here, for the reasons also appended here.
    OC HAU, for being awesome. KickHimWhenHe'sDown, for being awesomer. Dexternumbers, for being a fellow "Massachusetian". Dulce, for being incoherent in a poetic way. Lost, for being a tough mod who doesn't feel the need to verbally abuse others. Bighead, for keeping this place full of threads. Jojan, for keeping this place full of sass and clever humor. Tijs, for also being a humane but normal mod. All the other mods, because I'd rather not be banned. Melyssa K, for introducing me to the wonders of Greg K. Tiny Vessels, for reminding me that liberals are human too, and can be sweet. MOTO13, for reminding me that conservatives are people too, and passionate. And finally, Mecha, for doing what others could not and somehow surviving 16 years with me.
    If I missed anyone, I'll edit you in.
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    Quand ils ont dis "Vous vous asseyez," je me suis levé.

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