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Dulce, for being incoherent in a poetic way.

Thank you, I appreciate that a lot.

I know your full of AWESOMENESS!

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Well Godxilla, I am leaving work early today and going home to prepare for the immenent end to civilization as we know it. I am going to have some lunch, send out the last of my xmas cards, pour myfelf a martini, find the only autographed nude picture of Margaret Thatcher I have and crank one off. Then get ready to go to bowling league. I have enjoyed everyone's company here and I will see all of you on the other side...you liberals will simply have to look up.
Good plan. I, too, appreciated your presence.
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Godzillas will die like dinosaurs.
True. But what a way to go.
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Sigh. You people do realise that there's no scientific proof to back these apocalypse claims (many of the potentional "causes" for the apocalypse are outright lies), right? I know most of you do and the rest are just trolling (at least I hope so, if somehow I'm wrong then there's no hope for humanity left), but we also seem to have a few genuine fruitcakes here...

Dude, you gotta be prepared. If something happens, then it would destroy life as we know it. And it would do us well to be at least emotionally prepared. If I'm wrong, I'll post a thread admitting it and calling myself a ditz. You have my word.
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Who else did? How did they predict it? Give me sources.
Nostradamus, the man who predicted WW2 and 9/11. Edgar Cayce, the American who could sleep with a book on his head and in his sleep, gain all the knowledge in the text. A computer program designed to predict stocks that mysteriously has no data after this date. I am not going to put up links, but all you have to do is Google any of these men. Furthermore, all religions call for a return of the gods. Many predict the return on this day. If it's true, I guarantee they won't be pleased with us.