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The thing about mustard on french fries is : it depends which mustard it is.

Though I live in what is considered the country of gastronomy, I am actually not a snob. BUT, there is one thing I don't understand at all, and this is american mustard... that weird yellow and sweet thing. To me it tastes disgusting. More disgusting than Ketchup...
Yeah, I agree with this completely. That's why I made mention that I only buy really good brown mustard where you can still see seed pieces. The kinda mustard that typically comes with a käsekrainer is one of my favorites.

And another thing. one of my favorite meat is rabbit and I feel sad that some people never tasted it. Cooked with mustard. Delicious.
For me personally, eating rabbit would be like eating cat or dog - doesn't matter if it was a wild cat or dog, I still couldn't do it. Because I've had pet rabbits, just like I now have pet cats. The idea of eating a rabbit makes me really sad, because I see very little difference between a wild rabbit and a domestic one. I'm a baby :P