Condescending dickwad, much?
Waste your breath much?

The implication was more, while I think it's scummy, it's the way the world works. If they can get away with it, they're just playing the Big Chess Game better than the rest of us. I find that hard to get up in arms about. Just 'cause a lot of us have a moral code, doesn't mean everyone does.
I'm making the case that we should be playing the game better, and I'm explaining how I think we could. And your response seems to be, "Well, that's not practical because they're playing the game better." Nobody's getting "up in arms" about it; I'm simply describing the situation as it happened, and explaining what the problem is and my proposal for a solution. If you'd rather just make excuses, fold your arms and say "whatevs bruh," then have at it, far be it from me to stop you. But that won't change my position.