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Just eat some shit and get high.

That way you can be too dead to petition for modship.
In fact, you're worse than me. I know that I'll never be a mod. And if one of you thought I had a good shot, then I accept your apology. But if nominated, I will not accept. If elected, I will not serve. It's better to bitch at powerful ones than to be one.
You want me to die, so you tell me to eat poop and get high? That doesn't make any sense on so many levels. Since when is eating poop a surefire way to kill yourself? And what the fuck does getting high have to do with anything?

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Oh, please, get a hold of reality. If you didn't bring it up, someone else would have. And it's not like having it even made that much of a difference. I'd make a better mod than you and I'd make a terrible mod.
You suck at recognizing sarcasm. I mean, just because you can't hear a person's voice doesn't mean there aren't other clues. I mean, I'm using campaign cliches and talking about being a Supermod when that position was JUST filled. It's obvious that I'm joking. ASPERGER'S is no excuse!

But I think I do deserve a small amount of credit for moving this issue forward, lol.