I have a good group of friends, and when we go out we have fun (at least the part I remember).

This summer I (just me) went to the Brussels and Amsterdam shows, and emmediate after that to Scotland for 2 weeks of vacation. I found that when I go out alone, I meet way more people, and just have a lot of adventures. When you're alone, you're practicle forced to talk to strangers. If you're with a group you usually hang out together.

Is this just me?

Helping a english junky sell a (probably stolen) bicycle to an other, very drunk englishman, in the middle of Amsterdam. This after being in a bar with a guy who lookes like Frodo from LOTR.

Doing my infamous American accent impersonation to a group of people from around the world.

Getting kicked out of a supermarket with some local who forgot his ID.