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You like to go alone to concerts? I can get when the band is playing, but the travelling to the venue and the waiting before the band gets onstage is terrible to do alone. It is a bit awkward. I did that when I saw Against Me! last year. It is really boring to stand there alone, but luckily I got a bit company from Andrew Seward who checked out one of the bands warming up.
To be honest, i usually don't travel that far to go to a concert: max like 45 minutes via train. And then, i just throw on my ipod.

The only time i feel a bit awkward is that time before the band plays and the period between sets where i usually just have a beer by myself. I'd admittedly rather have friends around then, but its really not that bad. I can get friends to come with me for the bigger bands I like (ie the Offspring, Social Distortion) but the more obscure stuff i usually have to go it alone. And sometimes its better: ie I can leave when i want, see the bands that i want, ect.