Wow, you kind of over thought a relatively simplistic ideal here didn't ya? lol...holy crap.
I think it's more likely that you've underthought a fairly complex situation.

Cool is a slang word for acceptable, awsome or the "in the moment" thing thing to do. I am sure you are familair with this. Possibly not though.
I'm familiar with the term. I just think it's a stupid reason to make a major decision about your life, just because you think it's "cool." It's like deciding to join the military (even though you can't handle the rigorous training and harsh routine) just because you saw a video game character do it and thought it "looked cool," or deciding to buy a gun because it's "manly." If you're going to do something, it should be for a solid, timeless reason (i.e. something you won't regret or change your mind about in 5 minutes, or days, or years), not because you felt a passing fancy and thought it would be "cool."

Now...would you rather be "cool"...or a dick?
False dichotomy. I'd rather take the third option and be responsible.