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    Default New Year Resolutions

    I don't much care to hear what your current promises to yourself are, because, let's face it, most plans to make it past January, let along the entire year. I'm more curious if anyone here has ever made a resolution and actually stuck to it. I don't make them. I can't even accomplish a daily vitamin. Its not that I don't care. I'm honestly just one of the most forgetful people on the planet.
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    A long time ago, my dad made a resolution: never again make any more New Year's resolutions. So far, he's stuck to it. Last year, I made the resolution to complete an album-length set of songs and memorize it. That one came quite close, as I made the list (I called it Critical Mass) and almost memorized everything. I got every word, so I guess that counts. This year, my resolution (one of many) is to get some fucken guitar lessons.
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    2013-2014 shall be my two favorite new years eve resolutions. All according to my future plans, that's if I don't die; this life threating cancer is making it tough for me to take actions but no matter what happens to me... I will always love my family. Mom & Dad, guess what? See ya real soon!

    Take care folks - it's been a pleasure.

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    1. Finish school
    2. Get a job
    3. Move out
    4. ???
    5. Practice coitus
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    I haven't taken making a New Years resolution seriously in, ummm, I don't even remember how many years. Since I just bought a new bass, I suppose my non-serious resolution will be to practice it until I get my finger calluses back on days when my elbows and wrists are not rebelling against me. Secondary to that, I will try not to let my the shitty hand I was dealt in having hypermobile joints (causing my problems) overwhelm me. Okay, last stop, I'm getting off the self-pity train now!

    Jojan, I see you have your priorities straight, making coitus the last on the list. Good luck with it all, and with figuring out what number 4 is.
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    I once made the decision to only drink water, that lasted like 4 months. In 2013, I will masturbate more.
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