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    All the best wishes to ya and your life and future success! a pleasure getting to know ya and talking wth ya and sharing some bomb ass laughters together. Are ya serious about leaving the forums? It's cool if you are not a fan anymore of the band's music. It's a personal decision ya decided to take actions for and take care. God bless ya in Jesus Christ amen. <3

    Ps- Thank ya for making me smile. For everything and that anything is possible if I put my mind into it. Whom knows we shall cross paths in the future. That's if the glory and grace can heal us both our cancers. Apology for not telling ya about it thought ya might get upset for tryna mock ya. Life may be short but what counts the most is the friendship.
    I will always be here if ya need a friend. I want to be there for ya and make ya cheerful with joy. You are a wonderful girl.


    Dulce Maria E. Cortez

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    This is conversation better suited for a PM, don't ya think iPunk?
    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Miss_1565 View Post
    Or what? Or you'll leave as soon as someone returns your rudeness and delete all your posts? I'm so scared.

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