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    Why is it that when so many people start dating someone new, they feel obligated to immediately declare to all of Facebook, over and over again, about how much they loooooove their new boyfriend/girlfriend? I mean... they've been on one or two dates total and now you are 'together' and 'completely in love'? And three weeks from now, he/she will be devastated when they break up, for about five minutes. Then he/she falls head over heels for the next person who will let him/her doink them.Is there just a basic lack of understanding about what love really is and feels like? What happened to dating and getting to know each other first? Do they feel the need to declare it on Facebook, thinking that is the only way to make this new guy/girl feel validated?

    There was a girl, quite recently, who was updating her status about every five minutes to inform us about how much she loved her boyfriend, then my husband showed me what she texted him. "If you were to become single, he knows I'd leave him in a second to be with you." Needless to say, he stopped talking to her. I thought it was funny that she thought he'd ever leave me for her (apparently, she spent a couple months telling my friend about how she was going to make it happen, not realizing I saw most of her texts to him. LOL). Clearly she was overcompensating, but do you think that is what these other people on Facebook are doing? Or do they confuse love with lust? Maybe they really just don't know what love is in the first place.

    I've been pondering this a lot lately. It seems like 95% of the single people I know are guilty of doing this in one form or another. That is a gross over-estimation, but some days it definitely feels like that. And its not just limited to the people I know through work who are fresh out of high school. I see folks in their 30s and 40s do the same thing.
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