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Thread: I want to have a science discussion or two...or many!

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    Default I want to have a science discussion or two...or many!

    I love science! I love reading about it, watching programs about it on TV, talking about it, and doing experiments. Anyone else as big a science nerd as I am? My specialties are astronomy, biology and geology (paeleontology is a combination of the last two.)

    I like talking about evolution, the different cosmic bodies in space and how they interact, the weather systems of other planets, the beginning and end of the universe, how natural disasters affect the Earth, weather phenomena, global climate destabilization, forensics, animal and plant metabolism (to a certain degree,) the commonalities between different organisms, how features on the Earth tell you about what happened in the past, how the atmosphere produces such varied climates and weather systems, why Pluto is no longer a planet, theoretical physics, the forensics of crime scenes, ANYTHING ABOUT DINOSAURS, and others stuff.

    Anyone wanna talk some science?
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