It's okay. I have spent countless hours reading and watching TV programs about all this. I've been studying astronomy for fun since I was 7.

Teleportation could actually happen, though I think it would be exponentially more difficult the bigger an object is. I think string theory jives with teleportation. I would have to go refresh my memory on certain aspects of string theory to see if this could actually work. I have work in an hour, so I will do this when I get home.

I have heard weird stories about the Triangle. My dad was in the Navy and had a weird story. Methane deposits could be one explanation for the sinking of ships and instrument failure over this area, but it may not be the whole story.
This one war vet in my store said that one experiment where they tried to teleport a ship ended with the men on board melded into the metal.
I won't just call him a liar, though that is hard to believe.