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Thread: Eye candy, get your eye candy here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTO13 View Post
    Ok...let's not get all crazy and shit. Keep it within the realm of not getting creepy. Women admiring men is fine, women admiring women is fine...Woman on woman sex is cool...women on me sex is even better. Anything other than that, just fucking throw out the damn window.

    There, now we are all on the same page. You people are lucky I am here to straighten this shit out.
    Thanks MOTO, I have no idea what I would do if you weren't here to explain stuff.. lol.

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    Fun fact: bi and gay girls who watch porn, on average, watch more gay male porn than anything else. Generally for bi and gay women, it goes gay male porn >> "lesbian" porn >>>>>>>>> straight/"bi" porn.
    Quote Originally Posted by jsmak84 View Post
    I do not drink alcohol and coffee

    I do not smoke and do not do drugs

    I just do bumpin in my trunk

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    Whoo. Now we're discussing porn.

    But here is a shirtless pic of me:

    I'm just getting out of my tub. Talk about eyecandy.
    Quand ils ont dis "Vous vous asseyez," je me suis lev.

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    That's not're naked!
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    Yay, home now!

    Darren Trumeter (with bonus kitty)

    Hiroyuki Sanada

    Kevin Devine

    Kirk Hammett

    Rupert Grint

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    Awww, I love Rupert. What an adorable little redhead, who's not so little anymore.

    Brian Deegan, sexy daredevil.
    Sign this petition Suzy made for me to get my interview with Greg K:
    The Offspring UG interview me about said Greg K interview:
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    Oooooooooh speaking of the X-Games, here are a few middle school crushes of mine:

    Shaun White (snowboarding)

    Bob Burnquist (skateboarding)

    Travis Pastrana (moto X)

    edit: I really wanted to be part of the Metal Mulisha, despite complete lack of X-Games related sports ability.

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    I find most of the guys in the pictures on this thread quite unattractive. But I guess different strokes for different folks.
    Except Rupert Grint of course. He's lovely!

    People I find attractive:
    Ewan McGregor
    Russell Crowe
    Jude Law
    Robert Downey Jr
    Robert Sheehan (but only in the series Love/Hate for some reason, where he plays a complete scumbag)
    Aidan Quinn (but only as Kili in The Hobbit)
    Joe Dempsie (Game of Thrones)
    Rivers Cuomo

    No pictures can I'm not on my laptop, and I'd probably be too lazy to find pictures anyway!

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    I am completely unattracted to everyone in your list! I think maybe you like guys a little more "normal" than me -- I prefer my men a little goofy or weird-looking, to be honest :P Two things though:

    1) The guy who plays Kili is Aidan TURNER, and he is actually pretty alright-looking but again, too "pretty" for me:

    Aidan Quinn is an old man.

    2) If you like Robert Sheehan (who is again, much MUCH too pretty for me :P) as a scumbag, you should watch season 1 of Misfits. In my humble opinion, his scumminess made the show nearly unwatchable for me. Later seasons feature Joe Gilgun, who is hot as hell but photographs pretty poorly most of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tijs View Post
    Sometimes I love Jojan <3
    Quote Originally Posted by Amiralanal View Post
    Jojan is not ignorant. He is the king. You are the enemy.
    Quote Originally Posted by PilZ-E View Post
    I appreciate Jojan.
    Quote Originally Posted by noodle654 View Post
    Jojan you are my favorite!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bipolar Bear View Post
    Jojan fucking owns!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
    jojan's right boob = hawt
    Quote Originally Posted by Krojd View Post
    Jojan, you are awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by yarock View Post
    Jojan fr den Sieg.
    Quote Originally Posted by KickHimWhenHe'sDown View Post
    I like Jojan's signature.
    Quote Originally Posted by Defender View Post
    Jojan for President!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
    I actually think Jojan is pretty funny in his own right.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheJakes84 View Post
    Jojan's signature is the longest and most beloved. <3
    Quote Originally Posted by KickHimWhenHe'sDown View Post
    Maybe because it came from Jojan, and Jojan rules.
    Quote Originally Posted by "Melyssa K" Kennedy View Post
    Jojan is right
    Quote Originally Posted by -Ignition- View Post
    Jojans planer lter bra.

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