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I am completely unattracted to everyone in your list! I think maybe you like guys a little more "normal" than me -- I prefer my men a little goofy or weird-looking, to be honest :P Two things though:

1) The guy who plays Kili is Aidan TURNER, and he is actually pretty alright-looking but again, too "pretty" for me:

Aidan Quinn is an old man.

2) If you like Robert Sheehan (who is again, much MUCH too pretty for me :P) as a scumbag, you should watch season 1 of Misfits. In my humble opinion, his scumminess made the show nearly unwatchable for me. Later seasons feature Joe Gilgun, who is hot as hell but photographs pretty poorly most of the time.

I keep mixing aidan Turner, Aidan Quinn and Aidan Gillen's names up! But yeah, I meant Aidan Turner!

I don't like Robert Sheehan in misfits, think he's too pretty in that! But overall, yeah, I think all the people on my list are more 'normal' and more commonly associated with being attractive.

I'm trying to think of less 'pretty' men that I find attractive! Hmmm.... Dylan Moran, maybe. Although I think a lot of what I love about him is his humour and his accent. And I have a slight thing for Aidan Gillen in Love/Hate. I'm not every much into manly looking men for some reason.