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Thread: BBS Podcast #10 - Dexter and Noodles

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    Default BBS Podcast #10 - Dexter and Noodles

    The moment you have all been waiting for has come! We are proud to announce that the BBS Podcast is back! In this episode we receive two very special guests, as Carson would describe them "The two and only," Dexter and Noodles from The Offspring.

    Find out what the big prank the band played on us was, hear all about the upcoming tour of 2014 called "Going South" which will take place in South Africa and South America with Tupak Shakur, Dexter's upcoming hot sauce Greengo Bandito/Angry Bandito, a special guest appearance from Greg K and you might just get a hint of which Days Go By song they might make a video for next! Oh, and find out the line-up of the upcoming festival the band is preparing in Bakersfield, California called "Dexter's Weekend Of Fun Festival," brought to you by Gringo Bandito.

    I'd like to thank The Offspring for all these years of great music, specially Dexter and Noodles for taking some time off to talk to us. Also the management of the band, my friend Sil and my BBS Podcast colleagues and friends Tijs, Adrian, Carson and Marika that went aboard on this mission with me.

    Songs played in the podcast:
    Fiction Reform - Shellac and Vinyl
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi
    The Ricetigers - Future is Now - Listen to the song here
    Beauty Burns Slowly (BBS) - Better - Listen to the song here
    Against Belief - Nightcall (Kavinsky cover) - Listen to the song here
    Carson Mauthe - Self Esteem Parody - Listen to the song here - Check out a thread about it here, with lyrics.

    And for those of you who are interested in checking out the BBS Mixtape, which is mentioned in the podcast, it can be downloaded here.

    BBS Crew:
    Adrian - Ad8 - Germany
    Carson - Homer - Canada
    Gustavo - Gustavo - Brazil
    Marika - Blitz! - South Africa
    Tijs - Tijs - The Netherlands

    Greg K (Special appearance)

    Listen to it on YouTube here or download it here.

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