But the point remains that this isn't caused by climate change, it's just a regular monsoonal trough or somesuch science-talk.
It isn't "caused by" climate change, it is climate change. Climate change is defined as a significant pattertn of change in natural climate events; this is a significant pattern of change in natural climate events, trending upward. Yes, it is the product of natural processes, but the results are more extreme than what was expected, and this has been the case in multiple instances. Ergo, climate has changed. You can argue that it's slight, but it's still climate change.

Once in a great while it gets hotter than it's ever been since people started writing down the exact temperatures. That's normal.
It's also something we're wary of (and justifiably so), given what we know about the chemicals that we leak into the atmosphere and their potential effects on the environment. No scientist worth his ass will tell you that climate change is marked by a sudden and drastic shift in weather patterns overnight; this is exactly what we would expect to see if in fact the climate were changing, and so it's considered a noteworthy event for meteorologists and geologists.