Personally, fast food wages are fine at minimum wage. These types of jobs are meant for young people and have little or no benefits. These jobs are certainly not meant to be a friggin career. I want a .79 hamburger. If you work at fast food for more than a year or two making minimum, you may want to re-think your career outlook.
Well, as a matter of policy I make a point not to assume I know any details about a person's life, or why they are working a minimum-wage job. They might be like I was a few years ago, desperately working a shitty job (because I had no college education or connections) to help pay the mortgage on a house we were losing because my drug-addict dad decided to back out and stop helping mom pay for the house (while still living there rent-free because of a legal technicality concerning his "disability"), and we ended up losing the house anyway and having to start over from scratch without him. So I tend to not be overly judgmental and make lots of assumptions about other people's lives when talking about policy.