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I'm fine with people owning guns. But *guns*, not assault-style rifles, not 100-count clips. The 2nd Amendment referred to "well-regulated militia"s, which unfortunately does not apply to most of the screaming douchebags on TV lately going on about how Obama's coming for your BB guns (spoiler alert: he isn't).

I'd also like to see training requirements and recertification required every couple years in order to get your gun license. Well-regulated, after all.
They are not douchebags...they want their rights upheld. At any one time Obama and all the other hollywood types are surrounded with guns. Hell, Obama just signed on order for SS for life. SS is basically full on, gun toating protection for himself and wife...for LIFE. Apparently he feels guns are OK as long as they protect his dumb ass. What gun license are you talking about?

Assault rifles are basically guns with pistol grips and high capacity clips. Limit clip size to 20 rounds...fine. That really doesn't bother me. A well armed civilian population is one of the best defenses from someone invading our country. You may not like that idea, but it is a fact. We ever get invaded, anyone w/o guns will be running to someone with guns.