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Do not steal and you won't get shot. I know you want to draw a line...there is validity in this. I do understand. Should you die for stealing a pack of gum? Probably not. But mess with the wrong store owner and you might. Is it fair to die for this? Not really. Is it fair to have your property stolen? No. Nobody said that stealing always ends up being a winning proposition for the criminal.
You just said that you think it's criminals deserve to get shot, and that it's a good thing when they die. Now you just said it's not fair to die for it. Make up your mind. Should jaywalkers get shot, too?

Now we are worried about spending money? That's funny. Hell, ask the teachers that want to vault their guns to pay for the use of the vault. Problem solved.
Lol, you really make no sense. People have advocated for requiring guns in schools, and requiring teachers to be trained to have guns. I was arguing that concept. If we require guns in schools, we also have to require vaults. Unless we want to risk children getting their hands on them. You thinking, bro?