Is this honestly how you see yourself? A detached, rational guy who's trollin' the republicans into shitfits? Your endless, pointless diatribes have overwhelmed this forum to the point that 9/10ths of all it's recent activity is you, giving politics lectures and reusing political soundbytes and jumping on every single comment posted to launch a page-long thesis on why it's incorrect. You are the overzealous defender of your beliefs, you are the one running around screaming "TERK ALL THE GUNS", and just because you can spell correctly and punctuate doesn't change that.
Calm down and pull your panties out of your ass. I never said that's how I see myself. We were posting facetious things about gun control (unless there's another reason you're so overjoyed by the fact that some people accidentally shot themselves at a gun show that you felt the need to post it in multiple topics?); I merely chipped in that, when I'm being facetious, I like to say that (i.e. if someone's being an idiot and I am in a situation where I'm trolling, then yes, I say random stupid things without concern for whether or not they're true). That's not to say I behave that way as a matter of principle.

And neither does claiming that you're only trollin', and you don't really care. Everyone can see that you care. We see it in the sheer volume of effort you're putting in.
When did I ever say anything to the effect that, "I'm only trollin'?" The fact that my rants come out of frustration rather than genuine interest doesn't mean that I'm "trolling," because I'm still making a genuine effort. Trolls do not make genuine efforts, as sort of a rule. And I noticed you don't seem to have the same problem with obvious trolls saying the stupid things to which I'm responding in the first place; you call me smug and condescending for trying to outline my beliefs in a calm and respectful manner while you call me condescending names? I find it hard to believe you don't see the irony there. You're no different.

I thought of something better. You're a smug, self-righteous cunt.
Yeah, I find people like to use words like "smug" and "condescending" when they disagree with what someone says, but don't want to take the time to explain why in reasonable and respectful terms. People who act like that are actually the main reason talking about things like this is not fun.

Also, lol@ "most of the activity is mine." Yeah, because the politics section was so very busy before.