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    Quote Originally Posted by Godxilla View Post
    We all have a name that we wish didn't exist. For me, it's "Dero". A misspelled reference to my name. I tell you, that was my de facto name for 3 years. Even my dad got in on it. I'm okay with it now, but it's too late to reverse the wounds of old.
    I was fine with the name until we stopped speaking. Even your dad teased you? Oh, wow. Sorry to hear that.
    I said, "Hi, Greg. I'm the creepy girl." He chuckled, then wanted a handshake and I gave it. I wanted a hug and he gave it. One of his sons was there, too. Cute. Then Pete got him to autograph my sign for me because I was too polite to ask myself since he was on his way to eat. Pete also took this of photo of him holding it. - 8/2/2014.
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    I hate being called 'Vicky'. Lots of people make nasty sentences out of words that rhyme with it.

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