So I was watching Who Do You Think You Are earlier today, and I thought it might be good to make a thread where people could talk about any interesting/strange/famous relatives people may have. Perhaps this won't be interesting at all, but I guess everyone finds things that are connected with them interesting.

I don't know very much about my family members, just a bit about a few.

Probably the most interesting is my grand-uncle on my dad's side, as I had heard that he was a jockey, and I recently visited the ruins of the mansion where he once worked as a stable hand. I had also heard from stories that he had once one the Aintree Grand National, so one day a few months back I decided to look it up on the internet, and actually found a video of him winning it in 1927 on a horse called Dogfox!
He died after being kicked in the head by a horse when he was still fairly young.

Other than that, my other grand uncle on the same side was in the IRA, but was killed by the British Army and apparently dragged along the street behind a van.

On the other side, I also had a grand uncle who apparently owned a mansion, was a vegetarian (in a time where virtually nobody in Ireland was) and kept only white cows and horses. Don't know anymore about him.