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Thread: Call-out sick policies of different jobs in different countries.

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    Default Call-out sick policies of different jobs in different countries.

    America certainly seems assbackwards in yet another way. I can only briefly touch on the subject, as I have, you guessed it (or maybe not) work in an hour. In jobs where you are dealing with the public and come into contact with many people throughout the day, such as cashiering (that's all I know of personally) you are expected to come in to work, even if you are sick. It is your responsibility to find a replacement and you are not even provided with means to contact any co-workers and you have to see who's available on the schedule. So you are expected to show up and chance getting your co-workers and customers sick by handling all their items. I was given a cold my one of two customers last year, one co-worker was forced to work with a stomach flu, one of my co-workers or a very sick customer got me sick now, and I had to work the day my wisdom teeth extraction was canceled due to severe laryngitis. Yes, we have to work when we can not even talk!
    Whereas, with desk and other such office jobs, where you are largely separated from the public and don't have quite as much contact with your co-workers, you can call out sick usually with no issue. There is no chance of infecting a large number of people. I know this because I've been to my mom's work a number of times over the years and I've asked her questions about it.

    Yes, I know that office jobs are typically full-time and so you are given sick days to use, but that is not my point. My point is that you are expected to show up sick to a job where there is a high risk on infecting others are you can call out of a job with a low risk of infecting others.

    I'm curious to know the policies of other jobs and jobs in other countries.
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