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Thread: Our LATEST OFFering to the youtube community

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    Default Our LATEST OFFering to the youtube community

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    Hey, huck it and the bros! How's it going? That was fucking perfect! I'm no music-producer expert but I see loads of great potential with your talents. Wow, you boys gotten taller and more better as the process continues on with such cover classics (although) the original is the bomb ass shit but do ya take any requests by covering a few of my fave's? Not to make ya guys feel obligated to do it just that I find it very much entertaining in a sense that I appreciate your effort for the gift of soulful jamming together some day in the future.

    Here's a list:

    •pay the man by the offspring
    •cough syrup by young the giant

    Keep rockin' on baby!

    Punk babe,

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