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Thank you for posting hshduppsnt
no problemo

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I was at this show, too. Bummed we didn't meet up, hshduppsnt!

I kinda wish the end had some two-part harmonies to it. I sang something to StayInTheHouseCarl while it was going on that seems to have worked with it. But she'll be the judge of that.
Yeah I was bummed too, Next time!
(I actually missed cool2hate at this one too but I caught up with him at the sunset street fest)

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He says "Let's hear it for Emily, everybody"
I quoted your wrong message here apparently but I'm too lazy to go back and find the right one. Yes I agree with Tijs they're so different I also don't want to compare they each have strengths.

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But his eyes says "She will never satisfy me like Greg does."
Don't you get bored having the most random comments of EVERY thread? I mean don't get me wrong I'm impressed you've kept this streak going for as long as you have...