For those of you who have been living under a rock, since the newest generation of My Little Pony came out in 2010, adult and teen males have been taking an interest in the show as well as it's original target market. There are custom toys, plushies, fan art, fan fiction and even music based around ponies in every corner of the internet.

I don't mind the Bronies or the show as long as they don't try to force you to watch it and join the 'herd'. I've seen the show to see what all the fuss is about and it isn't as girly as the previous generations and the characters personalities aren't just 'Yay, pink! Yay, flowers! Yay, sparkles!' anymore. I do have a problem with the bronies who like to draw/write explicit things to do with the show. Its wrong, really wrong. I have drawn some pony stuff because my mum's friends have little kids so I draw them for them because they like it and I've done made request threads on some MLP forums because some of them are quite interesting people. Some bronies are Offspring fans, I've chatted to quite a few on some forums and they're pretty cool.

Oh and some of them make pony music videos like this:
So what do you guys think of them?