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Thread: Let's do something special for Noodles for his birthday (Noodles, don't read this!)

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    Default Let's do something special for Noodles for his birthday (Noodles, don't read this!)

    This is NOT a birthday thread!
    I've only been a BBS'er for a few months but it's clear how much Noodles interacts with the fans, both on the BBS and on twitter and in person. I thought it would be fun if we did something for him for his birthday since he's the Offspring member who connects with the fans most often. I don't have any ideas of what we could do or how we could do it, yet, so if you have any, please share them. I wanted to post this well enough in advance so we didn't have to rush.

    Edit: I did just think up an idea, but I think it's kinda dumb. >,>

    Edit after edit: Tori and I did not send PM's to everyone requesting a brief birthday message for the written gift. If you have not received a PM and want to participate, just PM one of us with your message and we will include it. Remember, it will be on a "card" with the others, so please don't make it too long. And write it as if you are TALKING TO NOODLES, since he will be reading it himself.

    No offense to those not PM'd. Tori PM'd people as she saw them get online and I PM'd those she didn't that I know frequently visit and/or post on the BBS.
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