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So is it writing a message or record one? I got a PM that says "write" but now you're talking about recordings again..However, my suggestion is, if you're going with the recording idea, that everyone should say it in their own language, that's diversity! Or if we write, we could always make a fan video like the Rise Against fans did on their song "Make it stop". I was trying to find it but I couldn't, maybe someone knows which video I mean? It's a lot of clips of fans holding papers where they have written the lyrics to the song. But instead we could hold a paper that says "happy birthday!".
What's happening is, Melyssa wants to make this thing where lots of us all give her a clip of us each saying a happy birthday message to Noodles that she can put together so that Noodles can hear all the fans and put voices to names here on the BBS. I'm collecting birthday messages for Noodles that I'm going to put on a MS Paint picture and post it on the forums/send it to him on Twitter on his birthday. Melyssa is helping me gather the messages.